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New Zealand

New Zealand is a very diverse country and a place of strong contrasts. You can find everything from subtropical beaches in the far north to icy mountain peaks in the Southern Alps, from the busy city life of Auckland to remote farms in hidden Fjordland valleys, from temperate lowland rainforests on the West coast teaming with life to almost barren volcano tops in the central North Island. With a bit of luck you might see barking geckos, hear Tuis and Bellbirds singing and watch seals and dolphins playing in the waves. Especially marine mammals are plentiful and the birdlife is prolific.

For people enjoying the outdoors and for every fly fisher New Zealand is a promised land. And with the Kiwis being very friendly folks, travelling is as easy as it gets. There is every type of accommodation available from very basic DOC huts for the avid tramper to affordable cabins on campgrounds up to exclusive lodges if you want to pamper yourself with sheer luxury.

And not to forget the rich cultural heritage of the Maori, which is present in all parts of the country with a special stronghold in and around Rotorua and Taupo.

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